It all began when polymer and nanomaterial based scaffolds started yielding advantageous results in cell culture and tissue engineering paving way for numerous potential solutions in store for human illnesses. The polymer scientists Prof. Yuichi Mori and Dr Hiroshi Yoshioka in their interaction with multinational team of scholars, also had Chennai (formerly Madras; capital of the Tamilnadu state of India) in their global research destinations map. The NCRM team upon proving that chemically synthesized nanomaterials and polymers, with their physical characteristics could be exploited in biological systems to our advantage, took the initiative of bringing together experts from all relevant arena of physic-chemical-biological interactions heralding the brith of Chennai Cell Cluster. CCC is to be soon registered as a society as per laws in India and will have a governing council supported by a team of advisors

Chennai Cell Cluster will promote awareness about and support the research on the complex interactions among all exisiting Physical matters, Chemical elements and Biological systems of the universe.

The simplification of the complex compositions, structures and functions of all matters both living and non-living present in the ever expanding universe, we believe will help us reach a thorough understanding of all existences enable us arrive at a solution to facilitate the achievement of ‘Universal Wellness’.

Chennai Cell Cluster aims to bring forth a barrier-free communication platform for exchange of ideas, concepts, hypotheses, thesis and anti-thesis between and among experts from the various schools and components of science and allied disciplines to aid the process of simplification by through research and the knowledge thus gained will be documented and passed to the future generations to perpetuate the generation of values immortal.