The three dimensional space occupied by physical, chemical and biological materials has the fourth dimension of “time” component across which the evolution of all living and non-living things have travelled through to reach the status in which they exist today.

The study of space-time of evolutionary changes across entire physical, chemical and biological systems may give us an insight into how these systems are coexisting on universe especially on earth and have got adapted to changes over a period to make themselves sustainable thereby a learning of how additional changes one should be prepared to, for facing the futuristic challenges in store, could be begun.

Will the same changes be applicable in a setting where apart from the documented physical-chemical-biological changes, the thought process of higher animals have an important role to play with adaptive mechanisms? Thought process is one of the elements of nature and the existence of “Mind” which forms the basis of the process of “thought” is not fully documented and we hypothesize that the relationship between and the impact on each other of the documented and undocumented elements of nature could be the harbinger of the birth of the “Fifth dimension”.