Expanding universe has physicial matters, chemical elements and biological systems in it, which are interacting and evolving to adapt to the process of expansion during which it is indispensible that the matters, elements and systems under go changes amounting mutations in various forms for maintaining the sustainability of designs of nature based on their inherent wisdom. This process of mutation between micro<>macro<>mega<>meta cosmos, we call as MUTACOSM. When further simplified, we can say MUTACOSM is about the MUTAtingCOSMos.

Studying the process of the mutating signs and designs of nature, their cause and/or effect on all other systems,we do believe is the ultimate beginning in the study of the simplication of mutacosm!

However, a partial or incomplete understanding should not affect the process of simplication and make the process a debacle. Therefore a thorough analysis and understanding of other existing forms of matters, elements, systems and the unknown & unperceivable cosms should be taken into consideration before such understanding is adjudged complete and the incorporation of the influence by every existing mattter should be incorporated in the study of the ever mutating cosmos.